The Folclore Company

Supplier Code of Conduct

Last Updated: May ‘23

The Folclore Company, (“Folclore”, “we” or the “Company”) views its responsible business commitments through the framework of: People, our employees and guests, the core of our business. Products, the things our people create and apply their dedicated workmanship towards. And Planet, the environment and what gives life to our products. We places great importance on conducting business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We expect our Suppliers to share this commitment by adopting resource-efficient practices for energy, water, and other natural resources, minimizing waste, diverting materials from landfills, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals. At a minimum, Suppliers should comply with all local, state, and national environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers should obtain and maintain all required environmental permits, approvals, and registrations, and adhere to all of their relevant operational and reporting requirements. The Folclore Company reserves the right to contractually agree to annual audits and assessments of Supplier facilities to ensure that reasonable efforts are being taken by Suppliers to operate in a manner consistent with the fundamental principles of the Code. We may also hire or work with independent third parties to perform any such assessments, audits and inspections. Violations of the Code will be brought to the attention of the Supplier, and may lead to disciplinary action and escalation, including termination of the supplier relationship or entering into a mutually agreeable remediation plan. The company would also like to emphasize that supplier code of conduct isn’t a “one and done” document – it must be continuously monitored for improvement to adhere to current social and environmental standards. Specific topics that may be included in below section cover staff training, communication between employers and employees, and various methods of reporting to be completed.

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